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Combe aux Loups

Brouwerij: La Rouget de Lisle
Dit bier hebben we geproefd op 12-08-2009 met 14 proevers
De gemiddelde beoordeling was 6.00
Fles 75 cl .gist hoog .nof nee .THT
Geuren amandel (marsepein, spijs, amaretto, bitterkoekjes), buisman, drop, gebrand, geroosterd, haagse hopjes, hout (kruidig), Karamel, laurier (drop), mout (gerst), rogge(brood), stroop, suiker, zoet, 
Smaken amandel (marsepein, spijs, amaretto, bitterkoekjes), bitter, chocolade, drop, eiken, gebrand, gebrande mout, hout (kruidig), Karamel, koffie, meloen, metaal, mout (gerst), rook, salmiak (zwart-wit), scherp, water, zoet, zuur, 
Extra informatie over dit bier:

Kleur:          donker amber

Helderheid:         helder

Schuim:         creme, ring, wandklevend

         HS         NS

Z       2         2

Z       0         0

B       1         3

CO2; weinig

Alcoholbeleving:    6% v/v

Body; 2/5

Meest voorkomende geuren:  gebrand (6x), Caramel (4x), Mout (4x)

Opvallende geuren:  rapen

Meest voorkomende smaken:  gebrand (3x), rook (3x)

Opvallende smaken:  aangebrand vlees, -BQ


Volgens andere proevers:

Appearance : brown color, with tan foam head (not persistent).
Smell : roasted malt and grain aromas.
Taste and mouthfeel : flavored cereal and coffee, medium bodied, a sweet taste still continuing.
Drinkability : a good beer in the style English Brown ale.


The head was made of fine and regular bubbles, dense at first, but it disappeared quite quickly. The body was of a hazy dark brown color with some notes of purple. The smell showed dark malts, nicely chestnutty with a light note of citrus. The taste was nicely coffee-like: dark roasted malts, a nice nutty flavor and a thick and slightly grassy hops. The mouthfeel was creamy at first but got a bit more aggressive with the hops. Refreshingly citric, light for a brown ale. Surprizing and enjoyable.