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Jenlain 6

Brouwerij: Brasserie Duyck
Dit bier hebben we geproefd op 10-03-2010 met 10 proevers
De gemiddelde beoordeling was 6.00
Fles 25 cl .gist hoog .nof nee .THT 2010-07-17
Geuren appel (zoet), appelcider, citrus, drop, honing, hop, muf, peper, rozijn, salmiak (zwart-wit), wort, 
Smaken abrikoos, honing, hop, mout (gerst), roos vicee, sinaasappel, water, zuur, 
Extra informatie over dit bier:

Kleur:         donker blond       

Helderheid:         Helder (vlokken op de bodem)

Schuim:         wit, ring, beetje wandklevend, dekkend

         HS         NS

Z       2         3

Z       1         1

B       1         1-2

CO2; veel

Alcoholbeleving:   4 % v/v

Body; 1-2/5

Mondgevoel: dun

Meest voorkomende geuren:  appelcider (3x), mout (2x).

Opvallende geuren:  rijpe appel, dubbeldrank, bubblegum,

Meest voorkomende smaken: 

Opvallende smaken:  champagnepils, appelsap, bitter lemon, kalk, zwarte thee,

Associatie: blond tafelbier

Opmerkingen: Dubbelproeverij: Jenlain Blonde & Jenlain 6

Persoonlijke voorkeur; Blonde (3x), 6 (4x), gelijk (3x).

Achtergrond info:

In 2000 Brasserie Duyck launched its first special beer, Jenlain Blonde with 6% alcohol by volume. Bronze Metal at the 2003 Agricultural Show, and now firmly positioned in the grand lineage of Special Beers, this high in taste blonde beer has been renamed Jenlain No.6.
• This punchy new name not only refers to its alcohol content, but denotes THE ultimate special beer. Its striking green and red colours give it a young trendy look while its low alcohol content does not make it any less a beer of character, in the great Duyck tradition.
• With its splendid golden hues and fruity tones, Jenlain No.6 has a distinctive bitter finish and a hoppy nose. The barley-scented liquor sparkles under its light, foamy head. Light and thirst-quenching, with a rich characteristic
savour, it is best served at between 5 and 6°C, with a meal or as an aperitif.